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Photo Stories 5: International Rhino Day (Colonial Hunting in Himalaya)

These 7 Images of Rhino from the hunting expeditions by Prince of England during his visit to India in 1921-22 might disturb you from the bottom of your heart.

We celebrate International Rhino Day every year on 22ed September. Let’s look at a couple of images from the past and see how the richest of the rich and mighty powers had looked upon the same species of Rhino. 

It was a regular practice for the King/Prince of England to visit his colonies across the world during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. During their visit, the most exciting events were meeting the local princes (Zamindar, Princely States, Rajwada, etc) and going on hunting.

Prince of England, Edward VIII (Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David; 23 June 1894 – 28 May 1972) came to India in 1921. After visiting most parts of India and Nepal he returned to England in 1921.

Shooting Rihno
Image 1: During his tour in India (1921-22) the mighty Prince of England, Edward VIII killed 10 Rhinoceros along with more than a hundred other animals which are endangered now. In this image, Prince is being seen firing at Rhinoceros from the top of an elephant. Elephants were the animal which was used most frequently during hunting. Photographed by General Sir Kaiser

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With Dead Rihno
Image 2: The Prince standing in front of the hunted Rhinoceros. Notice the Gorkha (Himalayan) Khukhari (Knife) hanging on the waist of the Prince. This Khukhari is still considered a deadly weapon and still part of the martial tradition of the Himalayas, especially the Gorkha community. Photographed by General Sir Kaiser
Team with Dead Rihno
Image 3: The Prince along with other members of the hunting team. This included General Sir Kaisar, Raja of Nepal, and his family members and other officials. Hunting of a Rhinoceros was considered a great achievement and thus the killed Rhino used to be projected as a trophy in front of which the entire hunting team would have a group photo. Photographed by General Sir Kaiser

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Skinning Rihno
Image 4: The Prince himself trying to do skinning of a hunted Rhinoceros which Khukhari in his hand. The other members of the hunting team are trying to help The Prince. After hunting, the Rhino the next stage would be her/his skinning. Usually, they were skinned at the spot of hunting because due to their heavyweight and thus carrying them till the camp was difficult.

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Calf of Rihno
Image 5: This would be the most disheartening image one could imagine. During his hunting days in the Himalayas, the prince of Wales (King of England) killed a pregnant Rhino on 17 December 1921. An unborn calf of Rhino came out of her womb. The skin of the unborn Rhino’s calf was considered more costly due to its softness. Photographed by General Sir Kaiser

Even the gates to welcome Prince were made from the skin of Rhino and its Calf.

Gate of Skinn
Image 6: This is the ‘Welcome Gate’ prepared to greet The Prince while he reached the border of India and Nepal. This gate was prepared out of skins of different animals including Rhinoceros, Tiger, Panther, Tibetan Sou Stag, etc.
Table of Skin
Image 7: The Mess prepared for at Bikna Thori Camp. The floor of the mess tent for the Prince was carpeted with the skin of leopards. His writing table was made up from the hoofs, horns, and hid of Rhinoceros. Even the wastepaper basket for The Prince was made from the lower joint of his leg. The Image was Photographed by Colonel W.F.T. O’Connor.

Sources: H.R.H The prince of Wales’s Sport in India by Bernar C. Ellison, Published in 1925 (Click)

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