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18th International Hindi Day: Budget Reduction For Promotion of Hindi

Today on 10th January 2023, India is celebrating the 18th International Hindi Day. Home Minister and Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Indian Languages, Shri Amit Shah gave the slogan ‘One Nation, One Language’ more than three years ago on 14th September 2019 on the occasion of National Hindi Day. However, the fund allocation for the promotion of Indian Languages by the Modi government declined from Rs 561.47 crores in 2019-20 to Rs 250 Crores in 2022-23.

Image: Workers of Shiv Sena stopped the screening of the film ‘Admi’ in March 1968. Source: Times of India

Two Gujarati:

In September 2022 when Amit Shah submitted the 11th report of the Parliamentary Committee on Indian Languages, he suggested more than 50% of advertisements in the Hindi Language on the front pages of Print Media with bold fonts and on front pages. The report also suggested action against government officers who are intentionally not using Hindi in their official works.

The Home state of both Home Minister Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Gujarat never used Hindi as the language of official communication in state affairs. All the official websites of the Gujarat government provide information either in Gujarati or English.

Image: A cartoon showing agitation against the imposition of a North Indian Language as the national language in South India.

Indian Constitution:

There is no national language in India. The constitution of India gave Hindi the status of official language where every state is free to choose its own regional language as the language of communication. The Department of Official Languages was formed for the first time in the year 1975. In the year 2006, Manmohan Government declared 10th January as International Hindi Day.

इसे भी पढ़े: किस पट्टी में कौन सी पहाड़ी बोली/भाषा बोली जाती थी?

56 Hindi Salahkar Samitis were supposed to be formed by different Ministries and Departments of the Indian Government but all these 56 Salahkar Samitis are yet not been constituted. All these concerned Salahkar Samiti are supposed to conduct at least one meeting a year but it is not being held regularly.

Image: A Cartoon Published in Shankar’s Weekly depicting the problem with the language policy of the Indian State.

BJP & Language:

It is interesting to note that a Prime Minister who consistently asks people to increase the use of Hindi in their daily life hardly find time to make even Jumla in Hindi. Most of the creative slogans propagated by PM are in English languages. This includes Duble Engine Government, 5P (Performance, Process, Person, Procurement and Prepare), 3T (Testing, Tracking, and Treatment), 4T (Test, Track, Treat and Tika), 5T(Talent, Tradition, Tourism, Trade, and Technology, 3i (Incentive, Imagination and Institution Building), FDI (First Develop India) etc.

All the concerns of Modi-Shah about Hindi as a national language are politically motivated. BJP has the largest political support base in the Hindi belt of India and that overlaps what is popularly known as the Cow belt of India. This includes states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and Rajasthan.

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