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How Biased Are Maharashtra & Gujarati Police System? 

Few from Gujarat and Maharashtra (MH) believe that the majority of immigrants coming from the Hindi belt (Bihar & UP) in their states are involved in the majority of illegal activities including theft, robbery, rape, etc. But the reports by National Crime Records Bureau give a completely different picture where it emerges that the police system of both the states is biased towards migrants from other states.

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The poor migrants from states like Bihar and UP were repeatedly attacked and publicly humiliated on the streets of Gujarat and Maharashtra. The migrants from Bihar and UP were attacked in MH during the year 2008 and again in 2018 in Gujarat. Violence against migrants from Bihar has also been seen in North-Eastern states during the 1970s.

Reetika 2 1
Image: A cartoon published in ‘Marmik, magazine by Bal Thackeray showing the impact of the influx of outsiders’ in Maharashtra during the 1960s.

In order to justify violence against North Indians on the streets of Mumbai and Nashik by the supporters of (Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena) MNS, its chief Raj Thackeray openly proposed the theory that the increasing crime in Maharashtra and especially Mumbai and Nashik are attributed to the migrants coming to Maharashtra from North India largely from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Maharashtra of the 1960s:

The history of attacks on migrants from other states in Maharashtra goes back to the 1960s when the Shiv Shena chief attacked and spread misinformation against the migrants coming from Andhra Pradesh. (Source)

In Shiv Shen’s first 1966 Manifesto blamed South Indians for almost all the problems faced by Mumbai and advised Marathi businessmen not to employ South Indians in their firms. Bal Thackeray Maharashtrian not to buy Lottery tickets of Tamil Nadu State and called Tamils secessionists and backed them as “Yendugendu Wallahs (mocking their accent)”. (Source) The famous slogan raised against non-Maharashtrian during the 1960s and 1970s in MH was “Bajao Pungi, Hatao Lungi”. Wearing ‘Lungi’ was associated with South Indians. (Source)

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Image: Progest against outsiders on the streets of Mumbai in the mid-1960s. Source: www.shivsena.org

The hate against South Indians was so despite the fact that South Indians comprised less than 9% of the total population of Maharashtra during the 1960s while Gujaratis alone comprised 14% of Maharashtra’s population. The hate against Gujarati in MH was not visible in MH despite the fact that Gujarati opposed the idea of the formation of Maharashtra as a separate state during the 1950s. Above that, Bal Thackery praised Gujarati living in Maharashtra on many occasions.

Reetika 12
Image: Workers of Shiv Sena stopped the screening of the film ‘Admi’ in March 1968. Source: Times of India

Biased Police:

The data released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reveals that only 10% of all prison inmates in Gujarat belong to Bihar and other states while 90% of prison inmates are natives of Gujarat. Similarly out of total prison inmates in Maharashtra, around 18% are immigrants from other states across India while 78% belong to Maharashtra itself. 

But when it comes to undertrial prisoners, the proportion of people from outside Gujarat and MH is hugely disproportionate to the total number of convicted prison inmates. The 2020 report by National Crime Recor (NCRB) clearly reveals that out of all undertrial prisoners across the MH 20.11% are from outside the MH while their proportion to total convicted prisoners in MH is merely 11.06%. This shows that the conviction rate of undertrial non-Maharashtrian prisoners in MH is almost half of the state average. (Source) This clearly indicates that police administration in these states arrests people from other states on false charges. 

cartoon of the day 010713101059
Image: Cartoon Published in India Today by Narsimha P.

Other States:

Unlike many other states, the law in Bihar is not biased against any community. The proportion of convicted Muslims in Bihar is very close to the proportion of the Muslim population in Bihar but in Gujarat, it’s hugely disproportionate. Out of a total of 4566 conviction in the year 2018, 1505 belongs to the Muslim community which accounts for around 33% while Gujarat has only a 9% Muslim population in the state. Quite similar is the case when we look at the caste of prison inmates as the Bihar administration looks least biased towards marginalized communities. The same is the case with undertrial prisoners. (Source)

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